Our mission is to provide families with the right tools to build healthier relationships with their dogs. By creating products that are reliable and intuitive to use, we want to help more dog owners to effectively communicate with their dogs. Our helpful staff understands the importance of patience and we will do everything we can to help bridge the gap between dogs and people.

About iQ Pet

iQ Pet was founded by dog lovers with the needs of people and dogs in mind. We believe training along with an active life style benefits the health and psychology of dogs. Wanting to be a part of something as important as the overall health of dogs, we set out to create a product that was reliable and easy to use. We started with the highly reviewed and praised iQ Remote Trainer.

Our remote trainers are recognized by their portability while all of our collars are lightweight and up to IPX7 fully waterproof.  We engineered features that improved on ergonomics and comfort for your dog, like our Conductive Plastic Contact Points, found on our No Bark Collar. We stand behind iQ Pet and you will too when your dog looks forward to training with us.


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