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iQ Pet Dog Training Video Part 5

Sep 29, 2014

In our 5th and final video, we discuss using the iQ CLiQ to influence good behavior. The iQ CLiQ integrates the traditional clicker into an e-collar remote to create a complete, well rounded training system. We hope you enjoyed our short series in dog training. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!


iQ Pet Dog Training Video Part 2

Sep 15, 2014

Welcome back everyone to our 2nd installment of dog training videos with Robin MacFarlane, where she will go over how to find the right sensitivity with your iQ Pet dog training collar.


iQ Pet Dog Training Video Part 1

Sep 09, 2014

Welcome to part 1 of iQ Pet’s dog training videos, starring Robin MacFarlane. Click the video above to learn how to obtain the proper fit when training with an iQ Pet e-collar and stay tuned for the next segment!

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Training Guide PDF

Nov 01, 2013

Download the iQ Pet Training & Product Guide from the link below. iQ Pet Training & Product Guide_131030_s

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Training with iQ Pet Part 1 – Introduction

Oct 05, 2013

Basic Principles Effective training involves clear and consistent communication. Your dog should appear confident and enthusiastic during training, not confused or frustrated. Keep early sessions short. Practice in safe, controlled areas to promote focus without distractions. Add distractions, duration, and distance as the training progresses. Teaching your dog basic skills, along with sufficient exercise and […]

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Training with iQ Pet Part 2 – Clicker Training 1 of 2

Oct 05, 2013

Positive reinforcement and marker training Positive reinforcement strengthens desired behaviors by rewarding them. Good timing is critical for best results. Your clicker makes a distinct sound, allowing you to mark the exact moment your dog does something correctly. By clicking as the behavior is occurring, you identify which behavior earns rewards. You may then deliver […]


Training with iQ Pet Part 3 – Clicker Training 2 of 2

Oct 05, 2013

Sit and Down Shape the dogs behavior into position with a treat, clicking and rewarding the correct response. Add the verbal cue as before and subtract the lure along with any hand signal. Build duration by gradually delaying the click/reward. Come/Here With your dog close and facing you, step back quickly, luring him forward with […]

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Training with iQ Pet Part 4 – Using your E-Collar 1 of 3

Oct 05, 2013

Before you begin If you decide not to use the Clicker in your training, we recommend starting with basic obedience leash training before introducing the e-collar. Training with a Leash A metal or nylon web training collar also known as a choke chain or pinch collar is used to implement the negative reinforcement. A very […]